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Project BLESSING is a Christmas ministry opportunity to share the love of Christ by
inviting individuals of all ages to give gift-filled shoe boxes to poor children in Mexico.

Great VBS, Sunday School, church, or family project!

In Mexico, many poverty stricken families are unable to provide their children with even
a single gift at Christmas.  Help us make it EVIDENT someone does care for them.

As the only gift many children will receive, these Project BLESSING gifts will be very
special and your generosity will certainly be greatly appreciated!  

These Project BLESSING gifts are presented during a Christmas program in their
village creating a warm and welcoming environment and opportunity for the Gospel
message to be heard and understood.
Project BLESSING was named to honor the memory of a very special holiday blessing:  

Blessing Noel Kingery
born January 6, 2014 had many challenges in her short life on earth due to a rare chromosomal disorder.  She survived longer than medically expected and was
used in her short life by God to be a blessing to many.  Her parents, Jacob and Amy Kingery, were able to praise God through the challenges and successes of
their time with Blessing.  They were and are an inspiration to many and have no doubt been instrumental in leading others to a deeper stronger faith in their
example of what it means to “walk in victory”…even in the face of adversity.  They trusted God for Blessing’s healing and she received it in Heaven!

Learn more about Blessing Kingery on her Facebook Page

You and your group can help us honor and remember Blessing Noel Kingery and to carry forward her life ministry by participating in

Help us deliver the message of the Cross and the HOPE which is in Jesus
to children who have no hope
and who need to hear that someone absolutely does care,
has a plan for them,
and loves them.
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financially by clicking here:  
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