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Chris Canote
This year, our theme is:  #HOPE using
Hebrews 6:19 as our inspiration.  
He. Offers. Peace. Eternal.
We are spreading THE message of
HOPE, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it
EVIDENT we could use your help!
Our mission is to:  
Reach the lost,
Promote THE message of Hope,
Teach discipleship and
evangelism, and
Challenge believers
with the cause of missions, with a priority
Resource the local church in those

Would you please
prayerfully consider
how the Lord would
have YOU be
When we let down our guard and gaze upon
the face of God, allowing, if even only for a
brief moment, a degree of   vulnerability and
intimacy, the
Truth, Hope, and Promise
which, is ours in Him, quickly becomes quite

For the lost...
This gift from God, a moment of
clarity, brings the opportunity for new life in
Christ, for the saving knowledge of Jesus,
AND for eternity with Him in Heaven.  

When we, His people...
Humbly seek Him as we turn from sin, the
power and strength which is ours in Him,
quickly becomes quite
renewing and refreshing understanding of
who He is and who we are in Him.
It's Evident...We Need Your Help!
We're taking the Good News of Jesus and HOPE which is in Him to a
lost world which needs it more than ever!

We're using cross-cultural short-term missions opportunities with
Team Ministry, music, and preaching to do that.
Eternal Investment Opportunity
Join Our Ministry Team

Evident Ministries, Inc. is officially registered with and recognized as a non-profit corporation
by the office of the Missouri Secretary of State.  We have also secured 501c3 exempt status
with the IRS, making your donation tax deductible.

We cannot launch this new ministry alone.  We need a ministry support team to hold the rope
and to come along side us through prayer AND financial support.
If you would prefer, you may also mail a
check made payable to:

Evident Ministries, Inc.
20620 N. Devils Washboard Rd.
Clark, MO 65243
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Cross-cultural, Missions
& Discipleship

Team Ministry Evangelism
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